About Me

I'm Alireza Karimi Moghadam, a graduate with a master's degree in Graphic Design from the University of Art and Architecture in Iran. I've been honored to win several awards in the field of illustration and cartoons from countries such as Italy, France, China, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, and Russia.


"I come from Iran, from the East, a land known for its poetry and literature. Art and literature have been an integral part of my life and culture since childhood. I hail from a land where poetry books grace every household. The cypress tree symbolizes my motherland. The color blue has deep roots in Iranian architecture and paintings. Curved and winding lines play a significant role in Eastern and Iranian paintings, and I incorporate these elements into my work.

Yet, I have experienced life in the West. I am passionate about Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in painting. I strive to incorporate the artistic background of my homeland into my Impressionist paintings. I also draw inspiration from the minimalist miniatures of Iran in my artworks. I am in love with the dynamic, swirling clouds and the towering cypresses reaching toward the sky. All of these elements have their roots in the literature, art, and culture of my Eastern heritage."